Joe Jangles. Children's entertainer. Twelve years, man and clown.

Words by Joe Carswell (definitely not joe jangles)


If you're looking for an entertainer for your kid's party or an event then you'd be hard pushed to find someone better than Joe Jangles or one of his hilarious troupe.

They provide high energy, fast paced comedy shows that will have kids (and maybe a few of the adults) falling over with laughter. Think of it as stand up comedy for small people.

You'll get magic, slapstick, games, parachute, balloons, dancing, bubbles and more craziness than you can throw a magic wand at.

Ben, aged 5 puts it best,

"Mummy, Joe Jangles is so funny, I've wet myself"

True story folks. True story.




07709 454417



London and surrounding areas.