0.00-0.10   Meet and greet with lots of slapstick silliness.

0.10-0.30   Opening show featuring hilarious hellos, barmy birthday fun, secrets and Joe’s smelly feet.

0.30-0.35   The Madcap Jangles Party Game.

0.35-0.40   The greatest balloon show you’ll see this week!

0.40-0.55   Parachute games with Splat, Horrible Teachers, Tickling Monsters and more secrets.

0.55-1.00   Happy Birthday song with cake.

1.00-1.20   Break for party food and the Joe Jangles Joke-athon!

1.20-1.25   Jangles Footsteps (I am not your Grandmother!)

1.25-1.50   A marvellous magic show with floppy wands, stinky socks, disappearing hankies, magic bags and a few surprises.

1.50-2.00  Crazy dancing games, bubbles and goodbyes... till next time!


I also have lots of extras if we need something 

different including stories, loads of games and 

a barrel full of laughs!