It's Christmas!

So Christmas is upon us once again and I for one am flabbergasted as to where another year has gone! It’s been a super hectic few weeks at Jangles HQ, as along with a very full birthday party schedule, I’ve also been taking a little Christmas show around schools. It’s a mix of the party shows and some of the storytelling theatre shows that i do and seems to have gone really well. I’ll definitely be doing more next year. I’ve loved seeing the joy and wonder that Christmas can bring to children and hopefully I’ve added to that a bit in my own anarchic style!


Now then, a few corporate shows to go next week and the big day will arrive. Have you written your letters to Santa yet? If not, why don’t you give this a go. Find a magic shop that will sell you some ‘sparkle flash paper’ (this one is particularly good as its thicker so easier to write on). Get your kids to write their letters to Mr Claus on it and then pop it up the chimney with a fire on and watch as all their Christmas wishes sparkle! The effect is fantastic and you definitely won’t risk the letter coming back down. I’ve made a little film of me doing it here, why not have a look!

I hope you all have a wonderful festive holiday and look forward to seeing you next year.

Merry Christmas folks.

Jangles out.